"God loved the world that he gave himself"

Spiritual Wing

  Evangelism - The last command of our Lord Jesus is to be fulfilled (Mk 16:15). So we evangelize to the unreached people of India through the personal Evangelism (man to man), Testimonies, Tracks, Literatures and Audio - Videocassette CDs.Conducting the Gospel meetings, Crusades, Seekers meetings, Night meetings in the houses, Market Places, Travel places, In Jails, In Hospital premises and Public places wherever the peoples gathered.  
    Revival & strengthen the Churches - Through the various seminars (like transfiguration seminar), Conferences (teaching, Youth, Sound Doctrine, Anointing Power conference). Camps (Prayer, Recreation, Leaders,Youth & Children camps), Retreats (Children, Youth, family and ministers retreat) and Revival meetings, Conventions (Acts 3:20).  
    Intercessory Organizing the twenty-four hours intercessory prayer and fast network for the Global Spiritual warfare (Acts 12:5), Promoting & connecting the intercessors (Es 4:16) through the Internet.  
    Publications - Magazines of varies languages (English, Hindi & Regional languages), Spiritual Books, Booklets, letters & E-mails.  
    Training Programs - Gurukul types of training programs (Like - Elijiah & Elisha, Jesus & Disciples, Paul & Timothy) to train the ministers of the life style of Jesus and ministry (Mt10: 25).  
    Counseling -  An  individual  person  to be  counsel  his  Spiritual,  Moral, Mental  problems  to the  counselor  (Jh 4:1-26)  those  who  are specially gifted.  
    Church planting movement - As the early Church established by the Apostles the Prophets in the houses of every people groups of the villages and Towns (Rom 16:5). They are spiritually structured churches but not materialistic. According to the vision from God, we also have planting the House Churches in all the places (Col. 4:15). By no names and denomination.  
    Radio & Television Broadcasting - The broadcasting Ministries will be add to the future.  
    Refreshment Ministry - This ministry especially for the Church leaders of the body of Christ. To encourage and refresh the Spiritual life and Ministry to get power (fire) from God in the refreshment centre for a while (Mk 6:31). They get special teachings from the fire centre.  
    Sending Missionary - To train the missionaries and send to the needy places of all over the world (Isa 6:8).  

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