"God loved the world that he gave himself"

Current Events

I. Missionaries’ family work with us:
1. Bro. Rajendra, Chattisgarh
2. Sis. Indu, Chattisgarh
3. Bro. Dhannulal, Chattisgarh
4. Sis. Amreica, Chattisgarh
5. Bro. Hansraj, Himachal Pradesh
6. Sis. Surekha, Himachal Pradesh
7. Bro. Joseph N. Kristi, Gujarat
8. Sis. Santosh, Gujarat
9. Bro. Praveen Masih, Madhya Pradesh
10. Bro. Mohan, Madhya Pradesh
11. Sis. Gujran, Madhya Pradesh
12. Bro. Shyam Durga, Uttarkhand

II. Magazines publishing by us:
1. Publishing magazine in Hindi named “DHAYA JOTHI”.
2. Publishing magazine in Tamil named “RHEMA”.

III. Books available in Hindi & Tamil:
1. Jesus Christ second coming Books in Hindi & Tamil
2. Family Counseling Books in Tamil

IV. Rehoboth Bible Training Centre:
Start from Last November’ 2012. One year Training Programmed.

V. Running House’ Churches:
Twenty Five house churches running in unreached places.

VI. Revival and strengthen the Churches:
Through seminars, conferences, Camps, Retreats, Revival meetings, and Conventions.

VII. Social Awareness programs:
Help the down drowned and lift up their moral stage.

VIII. Intercessory:
Conducting prayer cells and networking through magazines.

IX. Counseling:
Counseling by counselor who is Mental, Moral, and spiritually ill.

X.Tailoring Centers:
Running center Two places.

Year Promise

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Month Promise

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